We are known for being imaginative and zealous advocates for our clients’ interests and the firm’s antitrust litigation practice has recently been recognized as in the top tier in the nation.
We are often brought into litigation matters to provide a broader perspective and to seek innovative ways to advance our client’s interests. And we have been innovators in the use of arbitration in the antitrust field.

We recognize that the modern practice of litigation in the U.S. requires a substantial investment by our clients. We staff our litigation matters with focused teams who participate in all parts of the case. In this way, we avoid the problem of having to spend time, energy and money “re-training” multiple attorneys to handle small parts of the case. At the same time, we have broader resources available and are frequently asked to handle very large discovery projects because of our cost effective approach to such matters.

Many of the litigation matters in which we are involved raise questions about international jurisdiction, procedure and discovery or about exemptions from the antitrust laws, including the Capper-Volstead Act, the Newspaper Preservation Act, the Noerr-Pennington and state action doctrines, and Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act.

We have brought and defended appeals in the courts of appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court, working alone or in conjunction with co-counsel.

Over the years, our lawyers have also written numerous amicus briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court and the courts of appeals on pending antitrust or jurisdictional questions on behalf of both governmental and private clients.

We have also represented several governments–the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Australia–in a variety of cases where each desired to present concerns to the U.S. Supreme Court about the extraterritorial reach of U.S. law. These cases involve such diverse areas as securities, tort, and human rights litigation.

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